The United States offers tremendous opportunities for talented and experienced Nurses. GlobeMed is always looking out for your interest first, with the goal of having you as our best reference when you are working with us in the United States.
GlobeMed’s goal is to provide every qualified Nurse the best Visa sponsorship relocation package, and a wonderful career and lifestyle. The entire GlobeMed team has only one focus, making each Nurse happy and successful in their new career.

To identify “Best Opportunities”, GlobeMed thoroughly researches potential clients to assure that they meet our stringent requirements. Since almost every medical facility in the United States has a need for qualified Nurses, the goal is to select and represent only medical facilities that offer:

Caring and compassionate approach to patient care
Proper support of internationally trained Nurses
Pay scales that do not discriminate
Benefits that provide comprehensive coverage for Nurse and families
Exceptional work and community environment opportunities
Commitment to success of international Nurse recruits

GlobeMed adheres to a service model that underscores and leverages the Core Leadership Team’s Client service philosophy developed through over 70 years of professional staffing experience. Our focus is to creatively develop a best value hospital staffing solution that focuses on the wellbeing of each nurse while satisfying the growing needs of our clients.

Ultimately, we know that the success of our company and our differentiation lies in taking care of the details on behalf of our Clients and delivering high quality, best value Nurses in a timely fashion.

The challenge of identifying, employing, and supporting excellent Nurses while maintaining a high quality standard is of the utmost importance to the success of any staffing effort. Utilizing ISO 9002 based quality processes provides our clients and nurses a strong sense of comfort that quality will never be sacrificed. In fact, GlobeMed offers a 100% financial guarantee in support of its quality processes.

“If you are looking to contract or permanently hire experienced, mature, well-spoken internationally trained Nurses, GlobeMed Resources has consistently exceeded our expectations!”

GlobeMed supports each Nurse throughout the entire process that results in working as a fulltime, fully licensed RN. GlobeMed’s proven Team takes full responsibility to ensure each Client/Nurse process is completed with honesty, accuracy, and in a timely fashion either on a long term contract or permanent hire basis at one of our US client hospitals.