Visas and Foreign Nurse Task Force:

GlobeMed is a leading expert on Nurse Immigration as demonstrated by the hundreds of successful visa cases prepared and filed each year and its active participation on the Foreign Nurse Task Force (that lobbies Congress for favorable international Nurse legislation).
GlobeMed’s teams in India, U.K. and the U.S. supports each Nurse throughout the immigration process by:

Preparing and filing I-140 visa applications
Tracking visa approvals and documents
Securing consulate interviews (and preparing Nurse for the interview)
Handling family visas
Handling flights and initial housing

GlobeMed funds (or reimburses) all exam, immigration, travel and delivery costs for each Nurse.
“Immigration has often been described as an art, not necessarily a science.” Words have never been as true. Although the immigration process is very defined, the timing of each step can vary widely. The art is how well GlobeMed proactively responds to the many little hurdles that can surface at anytime throughout the process.