We aspire to:

Provide exceptional Nurses who are highly qualified, motivated, and dedicated.
Complement our Clients in their mission to be a leading health care service providers within the communities they serve.
Support Nurses with comprehensive and flexible programs that recognize individual needs.
Utilize quality processes in recruitment, qualifying, job placement, leadership and support, to develop and maintain standards of excellence.
Grow at a rate above the industry average by earning a reputation as a Best Value international provider of high quality Nurses from India.

“Culture is the glue that holds an organization together and ultimately forms the basis for our differentiation. It guides our behavior and provides a sense of identity and stability.”

Caring and compassion for our Nurses;
Respect for Nurses, their families and Hospital Managers
Commitment to our Profession
Competency coupled with Continuous Learning.

Our Culture translates through the dedication of Nurses who love patient care and feel that their touch can make a difference for their patients. They are good listeners, ask insightful questions, and focus on understanding their patients’ feelings and needs. They like people, are enthusiastic about serving them, and do so with warmth and a sense of humor. They recognize their key role as part of the medical services team and appreciate the daily opportunity to learn and expand their skills. They are flexible, adaptable, and responsive as they involve themselves in patient care.

Mr. Downing is a strategist, analyst and visionary and is ultimately responsible for GlobeMed’s business performance and ethics. He makes his moves very carefully, always with a view of their long-term effect on the Company. He is goal driven, loves to win – and does so with humility. “The incredible reputation and growth achieved by GlobeMed can be traced to the passion, dedication and ethics exhibited everyday by our Nurses and Team.”

PAUL NIMITZ, Vice President Business Development
Mr. Nimitz is responsible for forging a foundation understanding and trust with each of our hospital Clients.  All activities are focused on creating long-term solutions that provide a competitive edge for the Client and the ability to meet patient care objectives.  He has thirty years of business development experience with a history of creating workable solutions to complex industry problems, such as what the healthcare industry is experiencing today.   

RAM KUMAAR, Vice President Operations, India
Mr. Kumaar has been responsible for all Indian Operations since inception. He has gained a national reputation for building a top level organization based on honesty and integrity. His firm beliefs that Indian Nurses should be in charge of their own destiny is evident by his approach to supporting the Nurses. Often called a “workaholic”, Mr. Kumaar travels the country seven days a week to help conduct seminars, talk with Nurses’ families, meet with training partners, and the millions of other activities needed to be successful.

CHRISTINE BREIDENBAUGH, Vice President of Nursing, US Operations
Ms. Breidenbaugh is a BSN RN with over twenty years of hands on patient care experience. She approaches her duties with GlobeMed just like she did with patient care as a Nurse, with a caring, nurturing attitude coupled with a sharp eye for details. She is respected and adored by Nurses throughout India as she is responsible for personally interviewing every Nurse prior to presenting the Nurse to a U.S. hospital. Our hospital Clients respect her judgment and rely on her expertise to match Indian Nurses with their job requirements.

MANJEET GARCHA, Vice President of Nursing, UK Operations
Ms. Garcha is an RN with over twenty years of nursing and nurse staffing experience in the National Health System in the UK. She has a reputation for being a reliable “go to person”, whether it’s caring for patients or recruiting high quality nurses.

ANDY VIRGA, Vice President of Human Resources and Finance
Mr. Virga is responsible for all Human Resources, Accounting, and Financial Planning activities. He possesses excellent organization skills and consistently prioritizes his daily activities according to what’s best for our Nurses and Clients. Prior to joining GlobeMed, he was the President of a large manufacturing company.

SURESH KOTHAPALLI, Vice President Strategic Direction
Mr. Kothapalli was responsible for the selections of the initial Indian Team and molding our approach to recruiting Nurses throughout India.  He is adept at merging Indian culture with US business customs resulting in a highly synergistic Team.  Mr. Kothapalli, who is based in the Los Angeles office, has also successfully created and provided leadership for various IT and BPO companies in the United States and India.

SATYA PRASAD, Vice President of Legal and Finance, India Operations
Mr. Prasad is responsible for providing legal, accounting and financial assistance to the India Operations.  He has extensive experience in leading Indian companies and is well connected with the legal and financial communities throughout India.  Mr. Prasad is based in the Hyderabad office.
GlobeMed Resources is an international provider of Indian Nurses to Clients in the United States and the United Kingdom. GlobeMed recruits, qualifies, supports and places Indian Nurses in “best opportunities” throughout the United States and the United Kingdom.
“We live and work in the same communities as the Nurses we support. The immigration process is long and challenging, our Nurses deserve immediate support seven days per week.”

GlobeMed maintains offices throughout India in order to provide timely and effective support to our Nurses and business partners. Our India headquarters is in Chennai with recruiting and support offices in most major Indian cities.
GlobeMed is committed to supporting Nurses who wish to work or are working in the United Kingdom. We have a full recruiting and support office located in:
GlobeMed's operational headquarters is located in Richmond, Virginia with Sales and Support offices in Los Angeles, California, Atlanta, Georgia, and Virginia Beach, Virginia. Our Corporate and Accounting offices are in Virginia Beach.