Canadian Immigration and Job Opportunities:

GlobeMed is offering qualified healthcare professionals the opportunity to immigrate to Canada with a permanent residency visa.  Our 30+ years of experience in immigration, job placement and training makes us a perfect partner for your journey.

Canada offers an excellent alternative to the United States offering similar earning potential and quality of life.  Canada also has a clearly defined immigration policy that will give qualified candidates a defined path and timeline to when and how they will enter Canada.  Current timelines range from eight to eighteen months depending on your qualifications and the Visa that you may be eligible for.

Canada has a great shortage of professional healthcare workers.  GlobeMed has teamed with one of Canada’s leading immigration firms to assist our candidates in the immigration process, identifying employment and representing your case to Canadian immigration authorities. 

If you are a qualified Nurse, GlobeMed will provide training materials to assist you in preparations for the Canadian RN exam as well as assimilation materials to make your transition easier.

If you are a Nurse, contact us today to discuss which immigration path you qualify for.  We are looking for both Degree and Diploma nurses. 

Contact us today by calling our Chennai business office at 44 2374 5541/42

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“Immigration has often been described as an art, not necessarily a science.” Words have never been as true. Although the immigration process is very defined, the timing of each step can vary widely. The art is how well GlobeMed proactively responds to the many little hurdles that can surface at anytime throughout the process.